This could be for you if: You want to feel better but aren't really sure how. You're feeling sad, worried, and/or overwhelmed. You experienced a loss. You're having difficulty adjusting. You're feeling unsure of yourself. You want to change behaviors/habits. Your go-to stress relievers aren't working as well anymore. You feel like no one "gets" you.

Or you just want someone to talk to.

We'll work together to develop a plan and use your individual strengths to get you living your best life.


Being a kid (and parent) can be hard! Although we want our children to be happy and unworried, they often get upset just like us. The difference is, they might not have the tools/skills they need to understand and express their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way.






We’ll collaborate to create a comfortable, trusting environment in which your child can confidently express their truth. We’ll discuss and create goals in order to develop and improve specific needed skills.

FAMILY THERAPY designed to address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family. Ideally the whole family would participate, but it's not necessary to initiate change.








Goals we can work on include: reducing sibling/family conflict, developing and maintaining healthy boundaries, increasing and improving communication, and promoting problem-solving.

Stress management

Communication skills
Relationship issues
Family conflicts
Parenting skills
Behavioral issues

Lack of self-understanding
Job- or school-related stress
Adjustment difficulties
Stage of life issues
Difficulty coping

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